Living within the digital age, we are immersed within a global network of electromagnetic waves and frequencies.  Technological devices have equipped individuals with transmittors and receptors furthering the capacities and capabilities of the neocortex.  Functioning as a single node in a vast sea of information.  Non-local instantaneous connectivity is available.  As these networks evolve and expand, the abilities to access and disperse information increases. What I am interested in and inspires me to explore is how these new technologies shape and influence aspects such as identity, communication, education, social structures and sense of community.

Web Navigation

Webs interspersed throughout physical, mental and digital landscapes.  We find ourselves immersed within a sea of electromagnetic waves and frequencies.  Rippling outwards with speed and strength, technological innovations are radically shaping identity and behaviours.

Watching a young squirrel follow it’s parent across some electrical lines inspired this painting. The upcoming generation will look to those before to understand how technology mediates daily life.



In this painting I use the metaphor of mycelium to describe the growth of technology and more specifically social technology that mediates communication.  I feel our technological devices have become a prosthetic extension of the body, informing thought patterns, social behaviours and our connection to the natural environment.