Cody Lecoy


2011 Psychologically There, 206 Carral, Vancouver, BC

2012 Profane Illuminations, AMS Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2012 Art of the Peoples of the Salish Sea, The Silk Purse, North Vancouver, BC

2012 Altered, Chapel Arts, Vancouver, BC

2013 Total Eclipse of the Semiotics of Love, Arts Council of Surrey N.C.C, Surrey, BC

2013 RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase, Gossip Nightclub, Vancouver, BC

2013 Pushing Boundaries, North Vancouver Arts Council, North Vancouver, BC

2013 Recollection of A Dream, Lattimer Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2014 Claiming Space, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC

2014 Interweavings, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

2015 Confluence Exhibit, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2016 Surrey Arts 2016, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC

2016 VMF Exhibit, Burrards Art Foundation, Vancouver, BC

Grants Awards

2014 DTES Small Arts Grant

2013 Margaretha Bootsma Award for Excellence in Visual Art

2012 Tireless Runner Scholarship Award

2012 YVR Art Foundation Scholarship

2011 YVR Art Foundation Scholarship

Professional Experience

Vancouver Mural Fest, Vancouver,BC

HXBIA, Tree Planter Painting, Hastings Street 100 Block,Vancouver,BC

Urban Tactics Krav Maga, Mural, Richmond, BC

Arts Coordinator, Spark Arts Program, UNYA, Vancouver, BC