“Consumption”, sold

Acrylic on canvas, 5’x2.5’

“Condensed combustible material.  Unearthed, ignited and reborn. To live as fire. To illuminate, give warmth and consume.”

This painting speaks to the consumer culture of modern times.  More specifically the oil and gas industry which fuels the accelerating demands of consumption.  Inspired by the colourful hypnotic rings found in oil patches.  I reflected upon the cycles of consumption that exist within my own life both physically and mentally.  Overall, this painting was made in the hopes that a shift in consciousness is arising.  So that the thirst for short term economic gains do not come at the cost of the environment and the strain of the people.  And that the long term sustainability of earths resources and the health of the planet is not overshadowed by the relentless, addicted appetite of  greed.


available at Raven Art Gallery