Earth Water Air

“Earth Water Air”, acrylic on canvas, 10”x11”, Available for sale

Web Navigation

“Web Navigation”, Digital Natives Series, acrylic on canvas,23.5”x31” Inspired by the adaptability and agile versatility of the squirrel within the urban environment.  I made this painting with the…


  “Consumption”, sold Acrylic on canvas, 5’x2.5’ “Condensed combustible material.  Unearthed, ignited and reborn. To live as fire. To illuminate, give warmth and consume.” This painting speaks to…


“Mycelium”, 5’x3’, acrylic on canvas  This painting “Mycelium“ references  the nature in which mushroom roots grow to form extensive networks beneath the surface.  I was drawn to this…

Synthetic Reconstructions

“Synthetic Reconstructions”, acrylic on canvas, 22”x 23”,sold This painting deals with themes of surface appearances.  My thoughts on the piece is that the rubber ducky symbolizes a superficial…

Coyote’s Song

Coyote’s Song, acrylic on canvas, 8”x10”,2018



Cycles, acrylic on canvas board

“Seasonal Rhythms”

“National Interest”

“National Interest”, acrylic on canvas , 3’x4’   In Canada, the interdependent relations between the oceans, land, animals and all living beings are of national interest.” 


Taking Flight